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OAH artists are outsider artists (O. S. A) (OutSider Artist)
Not just an acronym but a way of being, of daring to challenge the current arts market,by paving a new way.

We are the reference gallery of the artistic avantgarde group SVA.


What pushed me towards visual art was the inability to communicate the magnificence of being human in a direct and simple way with a different language.
The works I have created and ones currently in progress start from a personally experienced and lived through biblical principle. The result, a change in my artistic and personal point of view, suggesting and activating a profound change. The starting point of my first projects is based on different perspectives in how I approach to the Word. Matter, tactile, visual and sound artworks that need to be experienced and where the viewer is immersed and enveloped by them.


Enrolled at the Politecnico of Milan, in the Architecture Faculty, she simultaneously follows evening classes at the Accademia of Belle Arti of Brera. During the 90s she starts showcasing her first paintings. An eclectic artist, she has gone through several artistic experiences: such as matter painting, sculpture, from conceptual to figurative as a subjective cosmogony. She defines herself as being in constant development as she considers this to be the best attitude to rejuvenate the spirit and nourish life seeking not a final result but experiencing the action of the moment as a precious opportunity to raise one’s spirit.

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